There are several printing methods for fabric printing
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1. Direct printing of paints: Direct printing of paints is to directly print the prepared printing paste onto the fabric. This is the simplest and most commonly used process in the printing process.
2. Silk printing: The main methods of silk printing include direct printing, discharge printing, and dye printing.
3. Knitted Underwear Printing: Knitted underwear printing is mainly applied in the direct printing process of paints. After fabric printing, it can be double-baked or dried naturally, avoiding the problems of easy deformation of wet processing of knitted fabrics and difficulty in wet processing of agricultural films.
4. Discharge printing: Discharging printing is also called "carving and printing". It refers to the use of discharge agent to print on colored fabrics to destroy some pigments that have been dyed. Therefore, various patterns and patterns are printed.
5. Silk-screen burn-out: Burn-out uses two fiber-blend fabrics with different acid resistance. After acid-burnt pulp printing and chemical processing, the acid-resistant natural fibers are partially rotted to expose acid-resistant chemical fibers. Crystal clear pattern, its special style makes burnt flower products with high-grade gorgeous feeling.
6. Wool Fabric Printing: At present, the printed wool fabrics are mainly thin plain fabrics or voile fabrics. Most of them are used to make women's shirts, dresses, quilts and skirts.