Another Look At The Clothing, The Beach Resold Again Zara Bid Farewell To The Golden Age
- Dec 18, 2018 -

No matter the big news in the domestic and foreign clothing industry, what are the big events last week? The Chinese clothing network takes everyone to see the domestic and international clothing industry.

▋ Domestic events: December 10~December 14

It’s been less than two years before it was resold, and it’s unclear in the reform.

Recently, Chinese luxury brand Shanghai Tang owner Italian businessman Alessandro Bastagli and Hong Kong private equity fund Cassia Investments resold the brand to Shanghai investment fund Lunar Capital. The transaction amount has not been disclosed.

According to the Italian business daily "Il Sole 24 Ore", it was learned from the insider that the reason for the sale was that the two shareholders had different opinions on the development of Shanghai Beach. The current creative director of Shanghai Beach, Massimiliano Giornetti, will leave the transaction. At present, Giornetti himself did not respond to this news.

Zhongfu said: In July 2017, Richemont Group sold Shanghai Beach to Bastagli and private equity fund Cassia. Now it is only a year since the beach was sold again. It is a fate. The 24-year-old Shanghai Beach is well known for its “old Shanghai style” style. Under the development of fashion trends, Shanghai Beach has also been in trouble and has to sell. Later, Shanghai Beach tried to attract more young European and American consumers with the combination of Chinese and Western elements, but ultimately failed to achieve the expected response in the market. Shanghai Beach, which has been given high hopes, is still unclear whether the new owner will adjust the development direction of Shanghai Beach.

▋南极人 was blasted "selling tag" Antarctic e-commerce response: misinterpretation

Recently, some media reported that “Antarctic e-commerce ‘no production, only sell hang tags, no quality control’”.

In response, an insider of the Antarctic brand owner, Antarctic E-Commerce (002127.SZ), responded to the reporter that this is an incorrect interpretation. "We feel that this has no effect on the company's business reputation."

Zhongfu said: One news made people discover that the Antarctic products on the Internet were not produced by the Antarctic people we understand. The Antarctic, an e-commerce company transformed by a traditional enterprise, played an ecological chain. The Antarctic who turned to e-commerce has become more prosperous, such as fish, and since 2014, it has been the No. 1 in the Tmall and has been the No. 1 in sales for many years. Nowadays, the Antarctic people have not sold Qiuyi Qiuku, and relying on the "brushing face", the core value of "Antarctic people" is almost in name only.

▋江南布衣 launched a collection store or want to move closer to diversified development

On December 13, Jiangnan Buyi (03306) announced that it announced the launch of the LA Su MIN SO LA brand in China, in line with the Group's multi-brand expansion strategy, and diversified horizontally through brand and category combinations. business.

According to the announcement, “LA SU MIN SO LA” is a global designer brand publishing platform, with the concept of “Better Design, Better Life”, dedicated to the incubation of designer brands and the localization of international designer brands. The product line will cover clothing, shoes, accessories, daily necessities and many other fields.

Zhongfu said: Diversified development has become one of the important directions of Jiangnan Cloth in recent years, and the launch of the designer brand collection store is an important attempt to implement the multi-brand business operation strategy and horizontal expansion to a more segmented market. The brand and category combination diversified horizontally to expand the business and increase the brand's share in the apparel industry market.

On the evening of December 11, the VIP bird (603555) issued more than 10 announcements in succession. The most striking thing is that the VIP bird intends to transfer 30.01% of the shares of Jiezhi to the price of 300 million yuan, and decide to acquire the channel resources of some dealers. Recover some of its inventory, of which the channel purchase contract amount is 147 million yuan, and the purchase contract amount is expected to be 419 million yuan.

Zhongfu said: In the coming year, the noble birds seem to have no better, the stock price has collapsed, the cash flow is tight and the subsidiaries are sold to save themselves. The shares are frozen by the judiciary, and both of them reflect the shrinking posture of the noble birds. The downturn in the main business and performance has caused the birds to get into a state of tight cash flow. They can only choose to sell and sell to alleviate the crisis, but they can only bring temporary relief. In the end, it is still necessary to rely on themselves. Good business performance and excellent performance.

At the end of the year, the enthusiasm of the 2018 clothing network festival is missing you.

In such a December, the annual clothing network festival kicked off again. This is also the 9th time that China Fashion Network has held a clothing network festival. So what new games are there this year?

It is reported that the 2018 clothing network ceremony has two major awards, namely "Top Ten Popular Women's Brands in 2018" and "Top Ten Popular Men's Wear Brands in 2018". A comprehensive display of the current "her economy" and "his fashion" situation in the apparel industry has also laid a good foundation for the brand's development in the coming year.

Zhongfu said: As the annual event of China Fashion Network, it kicked off in December, providing a good platform for major clothing brands, so that brands can better embrace fashion and capital in the current economic environment. Gaining the support of transformation and upgrading and self-improvement, highlighting the power of the media and demonstrating the charm of Chinese clothing brands.

▋International events: December 10~December 14

▋Coach first held a men's and women's clothing merger show in a city outside New York in Shanghai

On the night of December 8, 2018, the sounds of New York, such as police cars, traffic lights, and pedestrian conversations, rang in the West Coast Art Center in Shanghai.

People in the East seem to have moved to the streets of New York in an instant, and this is actually the launch of the American fashion brand Coach early autumn show, and the way the 77-year-old New York brand strengthens its identity in a foreign country. This show continues the brand's new style of continuous development in ready-to-wear and leather goods after the transformation in 2014. The current creative director Stuart Vevers aims to create a new and beautiful New York girl image that is both feminine and cool.

Zhongfu said: This is the first big show that Coach has entered China in 15 years. In this big show, I also saw all aspects of Coach's wishes: model diversity, brand integration, and apparel category design. Style and so on, but also shows Coach's ambition in the Chinese market. Regardless of the show layout or supporting marketing, the big show with the theme “Coach Lights Up Shanghai” can be seen as costly. Coach also said it will cooperate according to the needs of young Chinese consumers and strengthen investment in China.

▋ Influenced by “Huawei Incident” Canadian Goose's share price fell, Bosideng skyrocketed

Although it is getting into the cold winter, it should be the "spring" of the down jacket brand. However, the Canadian goose, which has been operating in the Chinese market recently, has plunged 8.44% since last Thursday and fell 6.64% on Friday. It fell 4.17% to 55.96 US dollars. As of the date of publication, it has now fallen to 55.26 US dollars. The two-day limit has digested the increase of nearly one month. It has dropped 20% in four trading days, and the market value has evaporated by 1.439 billion US dollars and nearly 10 billion yuan.

Zhongfu said: Canada Goose has become the "net red" brand of down jackets in recent years. It has also been sought after by many consumers in the Chinese market, and further explored the Chinese market, settled in Tmall, opened physical stores, and cracked down on purchasing and "cottage". At the same time, it also accelerates the integration of the luxury down market. However, the Canadian geese have not yet really grasped the Chinese market in this layout. They have been questioned by investors because of the political incident. It is not good news for the Canadian Goose brand. Some people in the industry have expressed doubts about the layout in China. Will it eventually become a bubble?

▋ Another fast fashion brand is in trouble Forever 21 plans to withdraw from the French market

According to reports, following the British fast fashion New Look, Forever 21 became the latest fashion brand to withdraw from the French market. In early November, the brand has closed three French stores, leaving only the flagship store in Paris.

According to industry sources quoted by FashionNetwork, Forever 21 management plans to withdraw from the French market on January 24, and about 150 to 200 employees will be dismissed.

Zhongfu said: Fast fashion brands are experiencing the cold winter period, Topshop, New Look, Superdry and other brands have embarked on a lot of roads to close the store, Topshop, New Look even exited the Chinese market. Forever 21 is also difficult to escape bad news, and constantly spread the news of closing the store, but also gradually withdraw from some of the less effective markets to save unnecessary expenses. However, in the mode of closing the store to curb the decline in profits, that is, the road to cure the problem, Forever 21 wants to get more attention from consumers, or to find another way.

▋Zara’s profitability is shrinking. It’s time to say goodbye to the golden age.

In the first half of the fiscal year, Zara's sales increased by 2.2% year-on-year to 7.91 billion euros, compared with 11% in the same period last year. According to Zara's parent company Inditex's latest performance report released on Wednesday, the group's revenue recorded only low single-digit growth in the nine months ended Oct. 31, up 3% to 18.4 billion euros, compared with 10% in the same period last year. Growth; net profit also increased by only 4% to 2.4 billion euros, compared with 6% in the same period last year.

During the period, Inditex Group's largest source of revenue remained the core brand Zara, accounting for more than two-thirds of total revenue. As of the end of the reporting period, Inditex Group had 7,742 stores in 96 countries and regions, compared with the previous quarter. Reduced 34 stores and launched Zara's official website e-commerce business in 106 new markets in November. The e-commerce business of other brands of the group will also be promoted globally in 2020.

Zhongfu said: The days of fast fashion giants have become more and more difficult, and the global apparel retail market continues to face major structural challenges. Even the giants are hard to resist the slow growth of performance. Zara's net profit for the first half of the year only increased by 3%, recording the worst performance in three years, and the Inditex Group boldly tried various innovations to restore market share. From the expansion of the offline market to the digitalization, we are constantly turning ourselves into “making ourselves faster” through continuous reflection.