A Former Prime Minister From This Country Came To China To Host A Talk Show.
- Dec 11, 2018 -

The series "Introduction to China - Raffarin Witness 40 Years" jointly produced by China International Television (CGTN) and the French Innovation and Outlook Foundation was broadcast in the CGTN French Channel series in December. Former French Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin is an old friend of the Chinese people and the first Western leader to insist on visiting China during the SARS epidemic in 2003.


The "Into China - Raffain Witnesses 40 Years of Great Change" series consists of 12 series, 30 minutes each. Among them, the 8th program took the form of a talk show, which was shot in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi'an and Guangdong. The 4 interview debates were recorded by the French Innovation and Prospects Foundation in Paris, France.

The former Prime Minister Raffarin made constructive discussions on the Chinese model from different angles in each program, and highly praised the “One Belt, One Road” initiative proposed by President Xi. From the complex world situation today, there is a level and depth. A comprehensive introduction to the Chinese road, exploring the Chinese model, and sharing China's experience. Former Prime Minister Raffarin said that China is the leader of the global economic integration today, the defender and advocate of multilateral trade and trade globalization, and the defender of world peace.


The program revolves around the great achievements China has made in its 40 years of reform and opening up. From the perspective of the former Prime Minister of Raffarin, it introduces China's development and changes in politics, economy, culture and other fields, and presents a comprehensive and lively experience to overseas audiences. Specific Chinese image.

From November 5th to 10th, 2018, the first China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai with the theme of “New Era, Sharing the Future”. The former Prime Minister of Raffarin came to Shanghai with a delegation of 70 companies and 200 representatives to participate in the first China International Import Expo.

"China International Import Expo will become an important agenda for world trade"

The former Prime Minister of Raffarin said that the China International Import Expo is a grand international initiative. Since the first Expo in Shanghai, China has demonstrated her enthusiasm for holding international exhibitions.

The first is its international nature. The number of exhibitors, the number of countries, the number of heads of state and the number of ministers are all amazing. The first Expo attracted the participation of 172 countries, regions and international organizations. A total of 3,617 companies participated in the exhibition, bringing top-notch high-tech achievements, and more than 5,000 products were exhibited in China for the first time, including more than 300 exclusive products and technologies in the world. Mr. Raffar believes that the importance and scale of this large-scale import fair will increase every year and become an important agenda for world trade.

Second is its innovation. China has brought a profound cultural tradition to the world and has provided many wonderful scientific and technological achievements. At the China Pavilion of the Expo, the spectacular high-speed rail model attracted Mr. Raffar, who felt that the trains were not only fast but also very beautiful. It shows the outstanding technical ability of the Chinese. Here, the high-speed rail driving experience has made the former premier feel the power of technology. He saw the Chinese people's efforts for environmental protection and for various research and development. In addition, the 55-kilometer Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge also made him very shocked.

Finally, it is open. China has demonstrated to the world that China is committed to opening up to the world and pursuing free trade as much as possible. After the expo, a total of $57.8 million in transactions was completed. It is predicted that the value of China's imported goods will exceed 10 trillion US dollars in the next five years. At the inaugural Expo, Mr. Raffar met many African exhibitors, African heads of state, heads of government, and ministers. He believes that this is an important aspect of China's openness to the world, because Africa is an influential continent.

"Reform and opening up is China's firm course and vision"

The former Prime Minister of Raffarin said that China has made considerable efforts in the past 40 years: striving for quality production and striving to promote high-quality urbanization. She regained her status as a great power and negotiated with various powers on a table.


Raffarin said that he has been observing China on Chinese soil. Harbin, Shenzhen, Changsha, Zhuhai and many other large and small cities have left him. He saw the changes in China and was amazed at the speed of her development. Over the past 40 years, Raffarin has visited China dozens of times and is an important observer, appreciator and witness to China's reform and opening up achievements.

Mr. Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the first China Expo was impressed by Mr. Raffarin, who saw three kinds of information beyond the language in President Xi’s speech. He says:

The first message is continuity. China has been following this course for 40 years. This is reform and opening up. We will continue to move in this direction, not only with strategic height, but also with specific decisions. This is the third time that President Xi Jinping mentioned in his recent speech that he persisted in reform and opening up. In the speeches of Davos and Boao, President Xi also mentioned this point. This is a firm course and vision.

The second message is a call to other countries. President Xi stressed that we are not singing each, we have to play symphony. This is a hand of friendship to all participating countries and expresses the will to build together.

The third message is that China is China and China is always China. China will not be destroyed, just as the storm cannot destroy the sea. This message is powerful between the heading and the hand of friendship. When President Xi said that the sea would not be destroyed, he showed that a big country like China would not succumb to protectionism, even if some countries closed the door, China would remain open.

The former Prime Minister of Raffarin believed that the key word of trade was the word innovation. Product innovation, financing innovation, and innovation in distribution channels. A grand event like the China International Import Expo will definitely bring economic benefits first. As the turnover increases, more investment. In addition, through communication and observation, everyone can also enrich their knowledge and skills from others. This is a powerful force for trade and dialogue.

“Shanghai is a place of innovation in the 21st century”

The former Prime Minister of Raffarin said that he had a special feeling for Shanghai. Since he first came to Shanghai in 1976, Shanghai has developed into a cosmopolitan city with a booming and high-rise city.

He said that Shanghai is changing very fast. High-rise buildings are an unforgettable feature of this city. They are architectural artworks. When Mr. Raffarin brought Nikolai Sarkozy to the Bund for the first time, the French president looked at the high-rise buildings and was very shocked. He said, "Oh, in France, we are against building tall buildings, but in fact, We should oppose the ugly high-rises and the good-looking high-rises.” Raffarin said that the Pudong New Area, which rises from the ground, symbolizes the great changes in China.

Many people think that the West holds the resources of innovation, and Raffarin believes that Shanghai is the innovation of the 21st century. Today, Shanghai has the best hospitals and the best research institutes in the world. Most of the high-tech communication technologies are developed here. Shanghai is a personal city. She believes in wisdom and believes in innovation. Here, the young people who like to learn and look good have left a good impression on Mr. Raffarin. He talked to the young people in these universities and applauded them for their hard work and active innovation.

"Leadership with Chinese Characteristics"

Mr. Raffarin said that the Chinese leader is the one who directs everyone to win together, just like a conductor of symphony, so that everyone can play their own music. The winner is the group he leads, and he maintains a low-key and modest attitude. Unlike some national leaders, he has to stand at the forefront and make the first remarks. His role is to help the entire organization achieve its collective goals.

Mr. Raffarin said that we have a big goal, that is, the community of destiny; we have a toolbox, that is, the “Belt and Road”; we have a logic of governing the country, that is, the leadership of political parties. This is a well-structured leadership. A leadership with Chinese characteristics, leaders are only low-key leaders, leaving plans and projects to everyone, highlighting the vision and the future.

When China says that our ideal is the community of human destiny, this community of human destiny means that we share the future. This is not just about China's own leadership, but about the leadership of the world. This shows that China has international values and will bring them to the future world.