Application Of Silicone Materials In New Energy Vehicles
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Silicone materials in the new energy vehicles above not only help damping, bonding, flame retardant, weathering and other effects, but also to help lithium battery cooling, keep the lithium battery in the appropriate temperature range. With the progress of lithium battery technology, the combination of organic silicon materials and other new materials will be more frequent. In the application of new energy batteries, organic silicon plays a large part.
To protect the product in a stable environment, silicone products can help a new energy car a normal working environment. In the automotive electronics field, moisture, dust, UV aging and other factors interfere with the normal operation of electronic products; in lithium battery products, resistance Burning, shock absorption, protection of product temperature is too high or too low.
Silicones are increasingly used in new energy vehicles and smart products. Silicones have low corrosion, high anti-aging, better heat dissipation and shock absorption.