Domestic Brands Go To The Sea Senma MJstyle Haishu House
- Aug 27, 2018 -

This year, a number of domestic apparel brands opened their stores, and Senma opened its first overseas store. MJstyle first entered the Japanese market. Haishu’s home was first stationed in Singapore to promote overseas distribution. Bosideng will restart the flagship store in London... Behind it, the international ambition of clothing brands is hidden.

Senma Overseas First Store Opening Date: August 9

Location: Riyadh Park Mall, Saudi Arabia

At the beginning of the year, Senma established an overseas business project team and successfully expanded the Saudi Arabia market in August. On August 9, Senma's first overseas store officially opened in the Riyadh Park shopping mall in Saudi Arabia, officially entering the overseas market.

The store LOGO continues the simple and fashionable design of the domestic Senma, and the products in the store are displayed according to the style.

At present, the Senma brand has reached a strategic development consensus with M. A. Alabdulkarim & Co. Ltd., and plans to open two stores in 2018. The two parties also reached the opening target and procurement plan for the next five years. AbudulKarim is a diversified trading group that combines retail, brand agency and professional operations. Its business covers apparel, real estate and equity investment. Its Riyadh Park store has a good retail performance and will lay a foothold for the development of Senma in Saudi Arabia. Solid foundation.

In the future, Senma will continue to expand in the Middle East, Central Asia and some countries in Southeast Asia, and seek to establish cooperative relations with local quality retailers and wholesalers to gradually enhance the international influence of the brand.

MJstyle Japan's first store Opening hours: June 28

Location: AEON Makuhari New Capital, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

On June 28th, China's domestic fast fashion brand MJstyle opened its first store in Japan, which is located in the heart of AEON Makuhari New City, one of Japan's most important national gates, Chiba Prefecture. It is reported that MJstyle has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with AEON Co., Ltd., a large multinational retail group in Japan. In the future, it will radiate to all parts of Japan with AEON Makuhari Xinduxin Store as its core.

Founded in 2012, MJstyle has opened more than 500 stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities, with more than 3,000 new models each season. According to MJstyle, the first store in Japan is an extremely important step in its global business empire. In the next few years, MJstyle plans to open stores in the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and other places.

Haishu House Singapore First Store Opening Hours: May 18

Location: Suntec City Mall, a large shopping mall in Singapore's core business district

On May 18th, the first store of Hailan Home HLA Singapore officially opened, marking the acceleration of the overseas expansion of Haishu Home.

The store is located in Suntec City Mall, a large shopping mall in Singapore's core business district, with a business area of nearly 350m2. The overall design of the store adopts the “simple” style after the image upgrade, with white as the main color, supplemented by black and gray, the space is simple and simple, more international and textured. In addition, the store logo also uses the white "HLA" lettering.

Haicang House said that the settlement of Singapore to expand the southeast market is one of the important battles of Haicang House's overseas expansion plan of “rooting in Southeast Asia, radiating Asia-Pacific, and focusing on the world”. As the first men's wear brand to go abroad, Haicang House settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in July last year. In less than a year, nine stores have been opened in Malaysia. In the future, Haishu Home will continue to expand into the international market. It will enter the Thai market in the second half of this year and will continue to expand in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in the next three years.

Bosideng's flagship store in London Opening hours: expected September

Location: 18 South Morton Street, London, UK

In 2012, Bosideng spent £35 million to open its first overseas flagship store in London's bustling business district. It was seen as a sign of entering the overseas market and made Bosideng the first domestic apparel brand to compete in the international market. However, the store was closed in February 2017.

Today, Bosideng will restart the store. On the one hand, the rise in land prices in London gives Bosideng confidence. On the other hand, Bosideng's transformation strategy has worked and performance has begun to regain its growth momentum.

It is reported that the upcoming flagship store in London will be restarted in the storefront, but there will be great differences in specific operations. Previously, the London store was a completely independent department and organization, from designer to operation to sales, the cost was too high. It is difficult to support an entire team by a store. The new store has interacted with domestic resources from the initial positioning, decoration, products and post-production, forming an integration.

On July 18th, Bosideng announced the brand new logo and store image in Bosideng's “The only national brand plan conference for the apparel industry”. Bo Jindeng executive director and senior vice president Qi Jinsong said that in addition to restarting the flagship store in London, Bosideng will launch a strategic store in 2018 - "Advertising Shop". Three years later, Bosideng's stores will focus on shopping malls and fashion department stores. And the core business district. Bo Dongdeng executive director and CEO Mei Dong said that Bosideng will strengthen the Chinese market in 1-3 years. In 4-6 years, Bosideng will lay out the global market. In the next 7-10 years, Bosideng will lead the global market.