DPA Digital Printing Exhibition Is Popular! The First Day Of The Exhibition 6000+
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Yesterday, the first [DPA International Digital Printing Industrial Application Exhibition] held by [Textile Media-Printing Society] and [Shuhong Exhibition] was opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center yesterday, and everyone was attracted to the attention of the digital printing circle!

Is the exhibition grand?
How many people are there to watch?
Have you learned the summit?
How many signings are there?
What are the responses from exhibitors?
Problems like this
You must have accumulated a lot in your heart!
What happened on the first day?
Please follow the lens of Xiaobian to find out!

The first day of the exhibition was hot

[DPA International Digital Printing Industry Exhibition] After the official opening, our exhibition site was full of people, and the exhibitors were busy after the orderly admission; the exhibition staff was in a constant stream; the elites who participated in the summit were very good and prepared. Come……