How To Pad Printing Silicone Printing
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Pad printing silica gel, a printing method of silica gel, ink is mainly used for printing characters, graphics and images on the surface of silica gel products through pad printing, and now it is becoming an important special printing.
For example, the characters and patterns on the silicone keys on the surface of the mobile phone use this printing method, and the silicone rubber products such as the computer silicone keyboard and other electronic products are printed on the surface of the silicone rubber. All are printed on the pad, and the process of pad printing and printing silicone is relatively simple. The use of steel (or copper, thermoplastic plastic) gravure, the use of silicon rubber material curved surface printing head, the ink on the gravure to the surface of the printing head, and then press the surface of the desired object can print Text, patterns, etc.