Lettering Film Used In Apparel LOGO
- Aug 13, 2018 -

How does the lettering film used in apparel LOGO work! 

微信图片_20180813162057.jpgLOGO lettering film is generally used for sportswear relatively more, according to the different color of the raw material of the lettering film, the transfer of raw materials are also different. So, what are the LOGO lettering films? Below, I will give you a piece by Xiaobian!

Elastic TPU lettering film - the originator of LOGO lettering film

Because its product features are as follows:

The color is bright and clear, the color is clear and pure; the environmental protection materials are used, the hand feel is excellent, the color is firm, the softness is not cracked, the elasticity, the ultraviolet resistance and the sunlight are not faded, the color is not faded, the machine wash, the hand wash does not fall, the resistance is smashed, no smell In the high and low temperature environment, no glue is opened, no cracking, no glue edge, good elasticity; color transfer can make the picture of the garment more rich and more characteristic; with the function of re-applying and restoring, when tearing off the unnecessary part, The part that should be preserved was accidentally torn off because of the strong back-adhesive film.

The most important product information, not invisible:

1. Product application scale: This product is widely used in various textile fabrics such as clothing, bags, shoe materials, etc.; for example: sportswear: number and trademark, basketball, football, bicycle clothing, shoes, swimwear , other elastic and blended fabrics, etc.; characteristic clothing categories: characteristic T-shirts, advertising shirts, advertising umbrellas, aprons, hats, travel agency travel bags, factory and campus numbers and logos, etc.;

2, thermal transfer lettering film because of its simplicity, convenience, convenience, no need for plate making, color and pictures are set by themselves, can be done from one, a few minutes a knife or scissors can also be completed, so sought by free features And apparel professional designers are also known as DIY transfer film;

3, the use of imported high-elastic polyurethane data, its tensile, rebound, weathering and wash water functions are very good;

4. The L type is the type of release force. The strength of the data stripping from the substrate is the primary control factor, which facilitates the user to produce large quantities of the assembly line. It is not recommended for the production of small drawings and lines. After the data is peeled off from the substrate, it must be glued back to the glue; it is suitable for cutting machine or cold knife type processing, not suitable for laser machine processing;

5, N type is a type of adhesive, the substrate is coated with a layer of high temperature resistant adhesive, can be applied to the production of small drawings and drawings, and is suitable for cutting plotter or cold knife type, as well as laser processing. ;

If you want to print LOGO on the characteristic clothing, PVC lettering film can satisfy your needs!

PVC lettering film products are widely used in clothing, bags, and other high temperature resistant textile fabrics, such as: cotton clothing, characteristic T-shirts, advertising shirts, aprons, hats, travel agency travel bags, factory and campus numbers And logos, etc.;