Silicone Rubber Ink Classification
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1. According to the coating process is divided into: silicone spray ink, silicone screen printing ink, silicone printing ink and silicone dot printing.
2. According to the curing method is divided into: heat drying type curing silicone ink, UV curing silicone ink.
3. Thermal drying silicone ink is divided into: high temperature curing silicone ink (180 °C ~ 250 °C), low temperature curing silicone ink (100 °C ~ 120 °C)
4. According to whether or not laser engraving can be divided into: Silicon resistant laser engraving and Lei Lei carved silicone ink. 
5. Silicone ink can also be divided into: single-component ink and two-component ink, halogen-free and halogen silicone ink.