Whose Youth Has No Red, Orange, Green, Blue And Purple. The Shanghai University Of Fashion International Fashion School Is Coming
- Jul 21, 2018 -

On July 18th, Shanghai University-Paris International Fashion Art Institute 2019 Spring and Summer Fashion Trends Conference and 2018 Annual Festival will be held in Shanghai Fashion Center. The theme of this year's festival is "New WAVES New Wave", which focuses on fashion hotspots and leads the trend. At that time, celebrities from all walks of life attended the event and gathered together to perform a feast of Chinese costumes.

When a fashion designer's design works on the stage to witness and judge the world, it means that her career has reached a height. The T-stage can make the designer a star, realize the dream, and inject fresh air into the fashion.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the graduates of the Paris International Fashion Art Academy spent a year preparing to stage this unique fashion show. Before the fashion show, the students were preparing intensively.

hard situation!

These designs are not only unique in style, but also eye-opening. They can also be the first to see fashion trends next year.

1. New material age

Calvin Klein launched pink rubber gloves at New York Fashion Week this year, bringing a visual shock to the industry. Some people criticize this choice, but most people understand that rubber and plastic are popular today.

微信图片_20180721114253.jpgCalvin Klein's rubber gloves

Whether it is clothes or accessories, 2019 will be a year of using new materials. The sheen in the fabric blends with the harder curvature to create a stunning and lasting visual effect. If you want to wear something that is memorable and gorgeous, nothing is better than new materials:


This trend can be seen in some of the works of students in Paris. For example, Cordelia not only draws inspiration from CK's gloves, but also pushes new materials to the height of the new two-tone, exuding an unforgettable modern atmosphere.

Cordelia's echo in the construction of the color and the selection of the fabric – the bottom of the boot echoes the color of the upper body of the model, and the denim ornament echoes the fabric of the jeans, despite the sharp contrast in the materials used. A harmonious and unified visual effect.

2, iconic hat

2019 will definitely be a popular year for large hats. Throughout the fashion world, designers are constantly revising the size of their hats and reshaping them to create a vivid overall effect, but they never leave a major focus: the hat itself.


What better example of innovation than Lanvin's recent innovation between hats and hats (see above)?

Vaquera, Dolce and Gabbana and Naeem Khan (pictured below) all indicate that cowboy hats will come back.


There is no doubt that the hat will be a must for many clothing suits in 2019 - in a way, it sometimes becomes the most iconic part of a series. For example, this year, Jacquemus and Delpozo used giant hats (one made of straw and the other tied to the bow) as the crown of their new design, which is the most iconic part of their home.

Therefore, it is not surprising that this trend of hats has been found in the works of the students of the University of Paris. The picture below is a work by the student Sandy (Zhang Pinhao), which has a wide-brimmed, uniquely shaped, colorful hat:

3, Millennium Bubble Gum

Last year, pink achieved a century return through the millennial pink. Suddenly, this "poisonous" 90-year-old 12-year-old has become the fashion front again with the color of the next generation.

But millennium pink is by no means a stumbling block to fashion. Instead, it is the gateway to the world of bubble gum color in the millennium. According to the Fashionista website, the bright reddish brown will be the main color of the fall of 2018. The main color of Pantone's official website is dark purple. Vogue claims that lavender will dominate the second half of the color.


Adam Selman 2018 Fall Fashion Show - Bright Fuchsia

Which one will be the main color of the second half of this year?

The most likely answer is: ‘all the colors mentioned above’. Logically, the purple hue is a continuation of the millennium pink, and Olivia (Tang Tiantian), a student from Paris, added sparkling metallic pink and lavender to her custom-made clothing.

Gorgeous power-like appearance with contoured shoulders and crystal powder details

4, the 90s is back!

The first is that Cindy Crawford has revived everyone in the 80s, and now Louis Vuitton, Gucci and many other brands have joined forces to bring people into the 1990s.

What is the sign of returning to the 1990s? The answer is sunglasses and purses, they are like a retro vintage cocktail.

微信图片_20180721114407.jpgLouis Vuitton (left), Valentino (right)

The students who have outstanding talents in Paris have already been eager to try. They insist on originality and even launched unique signature glasses! Stay tuned for some of the elements of the 90s on the graduation show, especially in the work of Gabrielle...

5. Flow like a river on earth

People who have participated in the Paris Fashion Week in March may still remember Etro's gorgeous fluid dresses, which in some ways contrast the feminine temperament with the bold, vivid version, yet seamless.

Look.....Who wouldn’t want such a skirt?


The most striking aspect of this fluid skirt is not its tailoring. After all, this design has been around for a long time, the most prominent is the color. It eliminates the classic dark blue and pastel pastels of the fluid skirt, and adds a strong earthy tone to bring vitality and natural power to the body.

Anna (Li Qing), a student from Shanghai, noticed the details of the design. The light is a beautiful fluid skirt and a skirt of earthy tones. It is enough to make people feel excited!

The elegant oriental charm is revealed by a layer of transparent fabric, and the light and gorgeous feeling is born.

6, if there is a fashion show on Salvi Street

In 2018, tartan fabrics have made a comeback in the global fashion world. Not only the men's suits, but also the plaid fabrics have regained the momentum of new life. Professional brand Dormeuil has already sold plaid umbrellas early, and other brands have sold plaid ties. Many brands have exhibited their own fabrics and made innovative products.


This umbrella can sell the umbrella of the whole family supermarket for ten thousand miles. Then, you know

The big Paris Zoey (Sun Hao) classmates are one step ahead, making a large size short jacket, top, and skirt. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most eye-catching designs of this fashion show. Zoey (Sun Zanqi) pays great attention to detail processing, completely changes the temperament of the fabric, and is free from the old-fashioned and monotonous, making both young and sporty. The sense of sight, full of overflowing are talents, and won the praise of the teachers.