Dongguan Senli New Material Technology with the brand of Triangle, has been a leading manufacturing and trading company in liquid silicone rubber related materials for textile. Our head office based in center of Dongguan Liaobu Town, with our factory based in Humen town since Dongguan is always called world of factory.

Our products ranges including screen printing silicone,  HD silicone heat transfer sheet, silicone heat transfer vinyl film, color-shifting heat transfer silicone, custom silicone heat transfer stickers including HD silicone heat transfer stickers, brush silicone heat transfer stickers, mold silicone heat transfer stickers etc. On the other hand, we also supply Lipsticks and other cosmetics material OEM services.

We always believe that, only in-time production, steady quality and great service come together with a product, then it would finally win the market and customers. That’s also what we call Triangle principle. With this principle of our company we believe you will always find the best competitive silicone items for your request.