Dome Raised Silicone Heat Applied Badge

Dome Raised Silicone Heat Applied Badge

Embossing mould silicone heat transfer stickers is done by copper or aluminum metal mould. The advantages for mould heat transfer is that it can customized thickness up to 5mm which is much better for high build silicone labels production than screen printing. On the other hand, its available to make line or other texture surface by mould in which it would confirm all quality in same level.

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Dome raised silicone heat applied badge


Silicone is another new process in the garment industry - silicone heat transfer, also known as thermal transfer silicone, which uses silk screen, transfer glue, and hot melt adhesive to screen through the screen to high temperature release film. Then, use the "hot press machine" to re-hot to the surface of the carrier such as cloth. Mold silicone transfer is based on aluminum mold or copper mold as a carrier, and then combined with thermal transfer glue, hot melt powder to produce a hot-pressable silicone trademark.

  The mold silicone transfer is easy to print out the thickness and add texture to the trademark according to the needs, different shapes, such as the curved surface effect, which is not achieved by ordinary silk screen transfer. Therefore, it is very popular in the market. We can customize the logos of different effects, colors and lines according to customer needs, and guarantee a steady quality in every single label.

The colorful domed silicone is done with small silicone dots to make a rainbow effect. 

It new and beautiful effect. 


Code NO.



Customized colors

Durometer - Shore A

33 Shore A

Dynamic Viscosity

300000 Centipoise


562 %

Pot Life

Shelf Life

180 Days

Solids Content

> 98 %

Specific Gravity @ 25C


Tear Strength


Tensile Strength

1015.3 psi




1.What is your MOQ?

3000 pieces as a MOQ, but special request we can discuss for different request.

2.How is the washing resistance?

45minutes, 45 degree, washing 10 times.

3.Where is your main market?

Different area and district which has factory of garment, shoes and fabrics related products.

4.What is your lead time?

Normally in 3~15 days according to order quantity.

5.What is your payment payment ?

T/T, Western Union, PayPal

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