Forbes Announces The Most Influential Women's List In The Technology Industry: Didi Liuqing
- Dec 08, 2018 -

According to Forbes Chinese website, Forbes recently announced the 2018 most influential women in the technology industry, with 20 women on the list. Among them, YouTube CEO Susan Wosicky ranked first, Didi's president Liu Qing ranked eighth, Lansi Technology Chairman Zhou Qunfei, and Jiyuan Capital Management Partner Li Hongwei ranked 12th and 16th.

Forbes pointed out that women are still a minority in the scientific and technological world, but their influence is gradually growing, and their responsibilities and popularity are increasing. In 2018, many women leaders in the science and technology sector became synonymous with industry change. Some of them have worked hard from within the organization to fight gender issues, and others have to be responsible for the problem - Shirley Sandberg has become a target of criticism because of Facebook's false information and intervention in elections.