How Did Ink Develop In History?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The ink that was used as one of the material bases of printing before 2000 had already appeared. It was internationally recognized that China was the first country to use ink in ancient civilizations. It began to use ink as early as the Western Han Dynasty (200 BC). Ink can be written on bamboo sticks to convey information, and some of its functions are comparable to contemporary inks.
In about 1000 AD, Bi Sheng invented the type of clay movable type printing in the Northern Song Dynasty, which greatly improved the printing efficiency. In order to further increase production efficiency and reduce costs, the engraving period was shortened. Cork engravings were used in some places. This type of engraving is easy to produce. A book is fast and cost is low. In addition to the great development of printing technology in Yuan Dynasty in Jiangxi Province, Fujian and Zhejiang also became printing development areas. The Ming Dynasty was the era of cultural prosperity in the later period of the feudal society in China, and it was also the period of development of printin