Steps for dispensing ink
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1. First determine the color formula. Note: Since inks supplied by ink suppliers use different pigments, not all ink formulations in the Pantone Color Matching Guide are suitable for screen printing inks. Therefore, it is best to get the ink formulation from the ink supplier.
2. Determine what customers use, what equipment, and under what circumstances.
3. Collect and confirm that the viscosity of the ink to be formulated is within the required range.
4. Add the appropriate ink according to the color system and make a weight record, then mix well.
5. Print on paper manually and wait for the color card to match. Confirm the color of the proof and correct it if there is any color difference. When the colors are similar, they are printed, dried, and compared on the customer-supplied material until they are correct.
6. Once the ink formulation is correct, convert the amount of ink to a percentage.
7. In order to confirm whether the new formula is correct, you can adjust 100 grams of sample according to the previous proportion, and then use handprint and machine printing. The three colors of handprint, machine print, and color card match, even if it is completed, if there is color difference, please Recheck the data and make adjustments accordingly.

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