Silicone rubber curing agent main ingredients
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The silicone rubber curing agent is an additive that is added to the liquid silicone rubber to solidify the liquid silicone rubber.
The raw rubber of the two-component liquid silicone rubber needs to be added with a certain proportion of specific reagents to be able to produce a solid material that is solidified by the cross-linking reaction and solidified.
There are many kinds of curing agents, and they are still increasing. The curing agents that have been used are sulfur, selenium, tellurium, sulfur compounds, metal oxides, peroxides, resins, terpenes, and amines.
The proportion of the general silicone rubber curing agent is 2-3%, this ratio is generally based on the weight of the raw rubber to calculate, and a small number of times also need to calculate the weight of other additives added in raw rubber.