Adding High Strength Transparent Silicone Rubber Application Field?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

1. The addition of high-strength transparent silicone rubber with good storage stability at room temperature and rapid reaction at the crosslinking temperature allows the use of general silicone rubber extruders and hot air vulcanization furnaces. Particularly suitable for the manufacture of blood transfusions, peritoneal dialysis tubes and catheters; also can be used to create a variety of molded products;
2. In the process of synthesizing and forming high-strength transparent silicone rubber, homogeneous polymerization method is preferred: stable operation and good repeatability. According to the research, the optical properties of the high-strength transparent silicone rubber can be added. The general light transmittance can reach 88%. The high-strength transparent silicone rubber can be added. After mixing, molding, and extrusion, various strengths can be produced. Good molded articles and hoses with good transparency.