Data Restore The Consumption Status Of Chinese Sports Shoes
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Recently, the First Financial and Economic Data Center (CBNData) released "Life, in Sports - Online Sports Shoes Related Consumption Series Research" (hereinafter referred to as "Research"). Based on CBNData consumption big data, the related categories of sports shoes are mainly studied. The main reason is to restore the online sports movements of Chinese consumers from April 2016 to March 2018. The current consumption of shoes.

CBNData "Research" found that online sports shoes sales continued to rise from 2016 to 2018 rolling years; among them, running shoes contributed the highest sales for two consecutive years, and the sales of shoes/leisure shoes increased the most; men were online The main force of sneaker consumption, consumption and consumption are higher than women's; after 95, the number of consumers and consumption accounted for the highest proportion in all ages, shoes, casual shoes, basketball shoes, canvas shoes are more favored by them. In addition, Research also pointed out that Beijing consumers have the highest preference for sports shoes.

Move up, healthy and stylish

Running shoes "leading", shoes / casual shoes "leading up"

It can meet the needs of sports, and it is fashionable and versatile. As the major sports brands develop their products more and more carefully, the sports shoes market has a tendency to rise and fall. According to the study, the demand for sports shoes by Chinese consumers has become increasingly strong in recent years, and the annual sales volume from 2016 to 2018 has continued to rise.

Among them, running shoes are the choice of the public, contributing the highest sales for two consecutive years, which coincides with the arrival of the marathon boom in recent years. It is worth mentioning that in the two-year sales trend, the shoes/leisure shoes that can meet the needs of fashion wear are the highest. It seems that sports shoes are no longer just a necessity for sports health, but also a must-have item for fashion trends. Coconut shoes, small white shoes, old shoes... Tell the truth, there is really nothing to match, it is a pair of sports shoes can not solve.

Must move in MEN, basketball shoes are most favored by "Han"

Men buy shoes for themselves, women buy shoes for children

According to gender, whether in terms of consumption or contribution, the consumption of online sports shoes for male consumers in 2017 is an absolute protagonist. Moreover, the proportion of sales is higher than the proportion of consumers, indicating that not only are there many men who buy shoes, but they are also willing to spend.

The blood sports such as basketball and football have always been exclusive to men. From the distribution of sales of sports shoes for men and women, the male consumers of basketball shoes and soccer shoes accounted for 69% and 68%, respectively. Love. Women buy sports shoes more for children, and women's shoes and youth shoes account for the highest proportion of consumption in all categories. Sports shoes that are more suitable for squatting on the beach and casual versatile canvas shoes are also their dishes.

Young people are "moving"

Purchasers and purchasing power to crush "middle-aged people"

According to age, after the 90s and 95s, the proportion of consumption and consumption accounted for the top two, and the sum accounted for almost half of the total, leaving the “middle and middle-aged” behind.

After 95, it was more “moving”. From 2016 to 2018, the number of consumers increased significantly after the age of 95, accounting for the highest proportion in all age groups. Sales also grew at the same rate, accounting for the highest proportion of all ages. It seems that no matter how hard the aunts of the square dance are, how much middle-aged people sweat in the gym, the word sports is still most relevant to young people.

90 after running to work hard vs95 to be casual fashion

Sales of TOP5 sports shoes are running shoes, shoes / casual shoes, basketball shoes, canvas shoes, soccer shoes.

The sales of running shoes accounted for a long way. Among them, 90% contributed the most consumption, and it seems that the upcoming "middle-age crisis" will allow more 90s to run into the pursuit of sports and health. Sneakers/leisure shoes ranked second with a slight gap, and basketball shoes also have a good market share. In both categories, 95% contributed the most consumption. It seems that buying a versatile thing that can be used all the year round is already a super skill of these “fashionable” new generations of squadrons, such as a pair of sneakers that can mix and match on the streets.

After 80 love football, after 70 powder ping pong

After 95, the young people dressed up the most Freestyle, preferring most of the old-aged people can not hold the canvas shoes, after all, relying on the Mood for Love, how to wear it is good-looking. In the most bloody age, I witnessed the Chinese team rushing into the World Cup and feeling the 80s of the national football golden age. Obviously, they have more love for football shoes.

After a leg enters the ranks of the elderly 70, it is the true love powder of table tennis shoes. In addition, badminton shoes, volleyball shoes are also generally favored by the "middle-aged group" after the 90s and 95s.

"Moving" in the north

Beijing Rencheng sports expert, followed by Yunnan and Heilongjiang

Geographically, the provinces that prefer sports shoes are mainly in the northern provinces. The top five sportswear preference provinces are Beijing, Yunnan, Heilongjiang, Tianjin and Liaoning. Beijing has the highest preference for sports footwear related categories. Among the high-selling categories such as running shoes, shoes/leisure shoes, and basketball shoes, Beijing has entered the top three.