H&M Also Started No Gende , And It’s Faster To Think About It.
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Fashion giant H&M partnered with the Swedish street brand Eytys to launch a gender-neutral neutral series, which will be available on January 24, 2019. The new unisex collection, designed in collaboration with H&M, will provide footwear, apparel and accessories for men, women and children.


The footwear collection will include Eytys' signature off-the-shelf style and a custom box designed by painter Zoe Barcza. “Through this cooperation, we hope to introduce our design concept to H&M customers, that is, strong and carefree design, the function has achieved rich results, the style spans the gender,” said Max Schiller, creative director of Eytys.

According to H&M, Eytys' design approach and overall style are rooted in the digital age, but there are no restrictions based on gender or age. These brands have jointly developed the core of Eytys DNA and have developed a range of unisex collections, including a range of fashion-forward shoes and clothing.

In the 1960s, the term “Unisex” (no gender) was proposed to counter the stereotyped gender impressions after World War II. In recent years, “Unisex” has gradually become the popular aesthetic concept in the fashion industry. It has been fully applied to fashion design by designers: Gucci, Vetements, Prada, Celine and other brands have begun to merge men’s and women’s clothing for fashion release. The design of the same element is completely undefined whether it is men's or women's. Clothing that blurs the gender boundaries begins to get more and more attention from fashion lovers.

Founded in 2015, Primary is co-founded by two veterans of the American baby products website Diaper.com, Istina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard. According to CEO Bernard, their idea is to make consumers feel as convenient as buying diapers. Buy children's clothing.

The children's clothing market is highly gendered, and Primary's approach seems a bit radical. However, Primary uses data to prove that this idea is feasible, especially for parents of millennials. In 2017 alone, Primary's business has grown 2.5 times and currently has around 300,000 users. In May, it received $20 million in Series B financing to expand its business.

Founded in early 2018, Bosie is also a fashion brand that focuses on “non-sexism”. Rapidly occupying the market of the younger generation has become the leader in domestic gender-free fashion. Bosie settled in Tmall in June, and the turnover in the first month of the line reached 1 million yuan. The growth rate in July, August and September was more than 40%, and the sales in September exceeded 3 million yuan. At the Tmall Double 11 Shopping Festival, which just came to a close, Bosie, who started the first 11 games, broke through 1 million in three minutes, and ended up with 6.95 million. It broke the record of the first 11 sales of the newly established designer brand.

In contrast, another fast fashion giant, Inditex Group, recently announced its results for the first three quarters of 2018, which increased by 3% to 18.4 billion euros as of October 31. Inditex has been focused on developing integrated stores and online to implement platforms through ever-increasing technologies and systems.

The Inditex Group's focus is more optimistic about the online market. Following the launch of the global online sales platform in 106 new markets in November, Zara's product line is now available online in 202 markets worldwide. This represents a slowdown in the Inditex Group's physical store opening.

At present, there are too many clothing products in our clothing industry, but there are few outstanding fashion brands. Perhaps our gap is not in the design, manufacturing and other aspects, but in the cultural, brand personality. The trend is always a trend, and there is an end to the beginning. The current clothing market is changing fast, and the future may be “faster”. Perhaps innovation requires not only courage but also speed!