Ministry Of The Environment Launch The Second Round Of Central Environmental Protection Inspectors Next Year For A Period Of Four Years!
- Dec 19, 2018 -

On December 15, 2018, Li Ganjie, secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Eco-Environment, said at the Nanning Annual Meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum that starting next year, a new round of inspectors will be fully launched, and it is planned to use another four years to launch the second round. The central eco-environmental inspector's work, "The first three years of the plan is a regular comprehensive inspector, and the last year will be carried out 'reviewing'."

According to the information released by the Ministry of the Environment, as of December 6, the second batch of central ecological environmental protection inspectors “reviewed” the five inspectors have completed the inspector's work. During the period of stationing, the inspector group accepted a total of 38,133 effective reports, and transferred 37,679 pieces to the local authorities after repeated reports. The local government has completed 26,873 cases, of which 12,240 were ordered to be rectified; 2,991 were penalized, a fine of 21,414,360 yuan; 186 cases were filed, 88 were administrative and criminal detentions; 1,804 were interviewed and 2,177 were accountable.

According to the arrangement, the inspector groups have entered the introspection report drafting and problem file sorting stage, and arranged special personnel to continue to pay close attention to the local side supervision and change the situation to ensure that the unreported mass report can be timely investigated and put in place, openly in place, and accountability in place. Ensuring that the mass report items are implemented and echoed.

Compared with the first batch of “reviewing” work carried out in the first half of this year, the names of the five inspectors of the second batch of “reviewing” have quietly changed. The word “ecology” has been added to the original central environmental protection inspection team. This also reflects the changes brought about by the institutional reform of the State Council this year.

According to the “Three Sets” program of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the former National Environmental Protection Inspector Office was renamed as “Central Ecological Environmental Protection Inspector Office” and was clearly identified as one of the 21 internal institutions of the Ministry of Environment. Responsible, one post and double responsibility to implement the situation, formulate an ecological environmental protection supervision system, work plan, implementation plan and organize implementation, and undertake the coordination of the central ecological environmental protection supervision organization. To undertake the daily work of the State Council's ecological environmental protection supervision work leading group.

The second round of central environmental inspectors will check this in the future.

"Tighten around the fight against pollution, especially to win the blue sky defense war, carry out the first round of environmental protection inspectors 'look back." Then use about 3 years to complete the second round of central environmental protection inspector full coverage." A few days ago, At the first regular press conference held after the establishment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the spokesperson Liu Youbin introduced the work to be carried out by the Central Environmental Protection Inspector in 2018.

On the basis of the good results achieved by the first round of central environmental inspectors, what new priorities will the second round of inspectors have?

For the first round of rectification, "look back"

The first meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee, held on March 28, used the expression of “adhering to the problem orientation, courageously moving hard and achieving remarkable results” and affirmed the first round of central environmental protection inspectors.

The data is the most intuitive to reflect the results. Since the launch of the pilot inspection in Hebei Province in December 2015, the central environmental protection inspector has achieved full coverage of the inspectors of 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country within two years. During the inspection, the inspectors shared more than 18,000 party and government leading cadres, accepted 135,000 environmental reports, and directly promoted more than 80,000 environmental problems around the masses.

Before the second round of inspectors, it is conducive to the consolidation of the results of the first round of inspectors. Luo Jianhua, vice president of the Environmental Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, believes that compared with the first round, the focus of the second round of central environmental protection inspectors may be placed on the resolution and resolution of the first round of feedback problems. Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said: "The severity of 'look back' is not lower than the first round of central environmental inspectors. Has the problem been found to be rectified and there are no new ones? When the problem arises, it will be the focus. It is necessary to calculate the old account.

Promote high quality economic development

The first meeting of the Central Comprehensive Deepening Reform Committee reviewed the "Report on the First Round of Central Environmental Protection Supervision Summary and Next Steps Considerations". The meeting pointed out that the next step is to focus on solving outstanding environmental problems, improving environmental quality, and promoting high-quality economic development, consolidating ecological civilization construction and environmental protection political responsibility, and promoting environmental protection inspectors to develop in depth.

“Promoting high-quality economic development” has set new tasks for environmental protection inspectors. In the past, in various places, the function of environmental protection inspectors forced the industrial upgrading to continue to emerge, and promote the transformation of the economy to high-quality development. Taking Zhejiang Province as an example, many places take the opportunity of inspectors to promote the transformation and upgrading of local characteristic industries. Quzhou City has formulated a plan for the transformation and upgrading of the calcium industry, and guided qualified enterprises to implement mergers and acquisitions and asset integration. Wenzhou City promoted the transformation and upgrading of the forging and casting industry. Through the inspector rectification, 107 foundry enterprises in Dajing Town, Yueqing, Wenzhou were all eliminated and dismantled. The preferred 31 foundry enterprises in Longwan District were integrated into 8 enterprises.

"The existing inspector accountability, supervision and law enforcement work can be regarded as a stress test, achieving environmental protection and economic win-win. Practice has proved that the impact of promoting green development and increasing environmental protection on economic pressure is appropriate and feasible. Wu Yuze, director of the Center for Environmental and Economic Policy Research at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said.

Improve the environmental inspection mechanism

At the end of last year, Liu Changgen, deputy director of the National Environmental Protection Inspectorate Office, said at the press conference that the second round of environmental protection inspectors will further improve the supervision work mechanism and gradually incorporate environmental protection inspectors into the legalization and standardization track.

In the process of environmental supervision, environmental talks are an important means of supervision, playing a deterrent and warning role. In the new round of inspectors, the interview work will also be intensified. "By talking about one and promoting one job, this is our goal." Liu Changgen said that the object of the interview in 2018 should focus on the following aspects: First, aiming at the fight against pollution, the lack of strength, the lag of work, problems The concentrated areas should be interviewed; the second is that the three “ten” targets of the atmosphere, water and soil have not been completed, and the environmental quality has been significantly reduced. Third, the central environmental protection inspectors have failed to rectify, the problems have rebounded, and the areas with adverse effects have been affected; Fourth, the instructions of the central leadership, or the exposure of the news media, and the areas where the masses have strongly reflected the outstanding environmental problems.

In addition, the Ministry of Eco-Environment will actively guide local governments to establish a provincial-level environmental supervision system, and implement the central and provincial supervision system of the state in charge of the province and the provincial government, and play the role of supervision and linkage.