2017 China Apparel Listed Companies Top 100 Market Value Rankings
- Jul 18, 2018 -

In 2017, Chinese clothing companies rushed to the “listing tide”. According to statistics, as of January 25, 2018, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets that have been killed in the capital field and the local service enterprises listed in Hong Kong have exceeded 100, and the total market value has exceeded 700 billion.


To this end, China Garment Network has specially compiled the list of “Top 100 List of Market Value of Chinese Apparel Listed Companies” according to their respective market capitalizations. The data shows that as of 2018, the top three are the main suppliers of Uniqlo and Nike Adi. Chau International, Anta Sports and Yue Yuen Group, which is known as "Foxconn in the sports world".

Among them, Shenzhou International Co., Ltd., as the largest vertical integrated knitting manufacturer in China, Ningbo Shenzhou Knitting Co., Ltd. has resisted multiple pressures such as rising labor costs and strict environmental pressure, achieving double-digit growth in revenue and profit. The biggest hero behind it is the integrated rapid response chain. In addition, in order to maintain its leading position, Shenzhou International has set up subsidiaries in Cambodia and Vietnam. The competition is the same as that of the local market, which not only saves costs, but also maintains cooperation with brand owners. And in 2017-2018, Shenzhou International is expected to achieve a net profit of 3.71 billion yuan and 4.52 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.9% and 21.9%.

Based on all statistics, Quanzhou enterprises can be found in more than ten companies, including: Anta, Lilang, Guiren, Jiu Muwang, Qiwowo, Xtep, Hudu, 361 Degree, Hosa International, Baofeng Fashion and Carbine, etc. The total market value is more than 160 billion yuan. And among these listed companies, there are still some rules that can be found: First, the scale of the listed spring enterprises is very different. The Anta, which has been booming in the previous period, has a market value of over 100 billion, which is more than the total market value of the other ten companies. High, this also shows that sports stocks in the A-share are clearly more popular. Secondly, while the rankings are rising, the city's mass is advancing by leaps and bounds, and Anta has maintained its position as "the second place."

Another relatively frustrated brand, Peak, claimed to return to the A-share plan three months after exiting Hong Kong stocks due to efficiency problems. However, in the era of domestic sports brand reshuffle, Peak wants to implement multi-brand strategy and needs capital blessing to create a sports IP address. It takes time to settle. The most difficult thing is that A-share supervision is becoming more and more strict. Therefore, it is still difficult to return to A-shares for the overseas target of privatization.

According to China Garment Network, since 2017, the apparel industry has faced many practical problems of reduced demand, operation and rising labor costs in the overall economic environment. However, there are also many high-growth service companies in local apparel listed companies. Due to the improvement of its own supply chain facilities, the rapid growth of its sub-sectors, or the rapid growth of dividends such as fast fashion and leisure sports in recent years, it has a good momentum in the mid-waters.

Source: China Fashion Network