Analytical Liquid Silicone
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Liquid silica gel In the industry, ion exchange method is commonly used to dehydrate sodium water glass to silica sol. It is a translucent milky liquid with high stability. The silica sol becomes a porous solid upon drying. For example, in the production of a (phospho-molybdenum-barium-oxygen)/silica catalyst for the production of acrylonitrile from the ammoxidation of propylene, a solution containing an active ingredient is mixed with a silica sol, and a microspheroidal catalyst is prepared by spray drying; Used as a food-grade household product, maternal and child products.
Liquid silicone has high and low temperature stability, inertness (odorless and odorless), transparent, easy to paint, a wide range of hardness, chemical resistance, weather resistance, strong sealing performance, resistance to compression deformation. Liquid silicone is easier to process than solid silicone. Due to the easy flowability of liquid silicone, it can be molded, calendered and extruded under low energy consumption. This of course also reflects its high production efficiency.