Anta VS Li Ning Who Is The King Of Chinese Goods
- Jul 24, 2018 -

Li Ning, the domestic sports brand that we once forgot in the young days, has now become the new favorite of the trend circle. In particular, the fashion show held in Paris in the previous paragraph once again made the industry look impressive.

But when it comes to the national sports brand, I can't help but think of another brand - Anta.

As one of the domestic sports brands, Anta seems to have disappeared in these years, but its strength tells us that the stronger and the lower the tone.

Recently the famous British brand assessment agencies BrandFinance 2017 released the world's most valuable brand apparel 50 list, only two Chinese brands selected, a jewelry brand Chow Tai Fook, the other one is Anta. (And compared with 16 years, Anta ranked 11th).

However, there is no news on Anta's official website. Deducted what is called a real low-key.

Since both brands are so powerful, who is better? Let's take a look today:

On the origin, Li Ningsheng


Li Ning Li Ning brand's founder, was the world-renowned "Prince of Gymnastics", the visibility goes without saying; behind it are known as "national beverage brand" Jianlibao financial support, "pure" and "aristocratic descent."

In contrast, Anta is a typical "cold brother". The boss Ding Shizhong was only a small boss at the time. The place where Anta was founded was Jinjiang, Fujian Province. At that time, it was called "Chinese shoes."

At the time, there were many shoe factories. Sports brands such as Del Hui, 361, and Xtep are all here, and Anta is just the most common one.


(Anta's old factory in the early years)

On making money, Anta wins

The extent of a company's strength depends on its profitability. As of now, Anta has won Li Ning.

Anta Sports announced its 17-year annual report on February 27. In 2017, the Group achieved revenue of 16.69 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1%; net profit attributable to mothers reached 3.99 billion yuan, an increase of 29.4%.

On March 22, Li Ning released its 2017 financial report in Hong Kong. In 2017, Li Ning Group's revenue reached 8.874 billion yuan, an increase of 11% over the same period of 2016, of which gross profit was 4.176 billion yuan, up 13% from 3.705 billion yuan in 2016.

The first choice is worthy of congratulations. Both companies are making money, indicating that domestic sports brands are gradually growing. But returning to the two brands themselves, Li Ning seems a bit inadequate.

By 21017, Anta's market value has exceeded 100 billion, with more than 9,500 stores, and it has become one of the world's four major sporting goods companies along with Nike, Adi and An Dema. And Li Ning, it is...

On design, Li Ningwei

Li Ning's design level is unquestionable in China. From the very beginning, Li Ning insisted on his own design. In recent years, the series of “Wade Road” and “Enlightenment” have made Li Ning's design synonymous with tide brand;

Without comparison, there is no harm. Anta’s design is hard to say:

The original Anta, in design, directly "live and hard", Nike, Jordan have not escaped it, people who wear cancer are committed;

However, Anta Thompson, who has been in the fire in recent years, shows that Anta still has design capabilities. But on the whole, from Li Ning, the room for progress is still very large.

On marketing, Anta cattle

Marketing, the importance of a brand is self-evident. Anta proved that marketing is doing well and sales are not bothering; Li Ning proves that marketing is bad and the brand is dead fast.

Since the beginning of Li Ning, Li Ning has had the natural advantage that Anta does not have. The Chinese Olympic Committee was named, the Chinese gymnastics team cooperated and other resources. At that time, many brands were envious.

"The Queen of the Diving" Guo Jingjing wearing the Li Ning at the Olympic Games

Especially in the 2008 Olympic Games, Li Ning himself wore his own brand and lit the Olympic torch in the eyes of billions of people.

Li Ning ignites the main torch of the Beijing Olympics

In that year, Li Ning's revenue increased from 6.69 billion yuan to 8.387 billion yuan, which is more than the 7 billion yuan sales of Adidas.

Li Ning, who held such an advantage, took a personal decision from the altar after a series of stupid decisions after the Olympics.

In order to develop, Li Ning first gave up the title of the Chinese Olympic Committee, and later threw the Chinese gymnastics team that had been cooperating for 20 years. And these "opportunities" abandoned by Li Ning, Anta quickly seized.

First of all, it is a partner with the Chinese Olympic Committee, so that Anta has become the world famous brand with the Chinese athletes and the sports phalanx of the National Day ceremony and the Olympic podium.

After that, he had a deep cooperation with the NBA, and then won the sponsorship of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Even our national leaders wore Anta’s clothes to inspect the venue of the Winter Olympics.

Li Ning’s marketing has made his own good hand smashed. In 2011, Li Ning's performance has declined for the first time since 2004, and its net profit fell from a cliff-like decline of 1.1 billion yuan to 386 million yuan.

In the same year, Anta rose and its performance surpassed Li Ning. After that, it became the first sports brand in China. Li Ning could only hope for it.

After 4 rounds of comparison, it turned out to be a draw. But are the two brands really different? In fact, Anta has put Li Ning on 10 streets.

As a company, revenue is the ultimate "touchstone". Today, Anta is 5.4 times the market value of Li Ning. Tied it with 361 degrees + special step, not enough for Anta. As a "descendant of the aristocracy", Li Ning is really embarrassing to the situation today.

Although Li Ning is now more than Anta, but the efforts of these years, everyone is also obvious to all. The so-called world is inconstant, maybe after three or five years, Li Ning will return to the first place, and it is also a must.

We now see that the two companies, as the leaders of domestic sports brands, are constantly rising, let the world know about Chinese sports brands. At the same time as our internal comparison, we must also make a crazy call for them to work hard to build a Chinese brand.