Haicang House Officially Began To Take Out The Sale Mode
- Jul 24, 2018 -

On July 23, Haicang House officially announced its take-out in the US group, and the US group's take-away personnel will go to the Haicang House's offline store to get the goods, which will be speeded up within an hour, and promised that the retail service line will be the same price online and offline.

It is reported that at the beginning of the year, Haicang House has entered the public comment, and opened a portal called “Haicang House Brand Pavilion” on the service page. You can view the information of nearby offline stores and directly purchase related products. This officially stationed in the US group's takeaway is also another big move after its entry into the public comment.

According to the official micro-signal of Haishu House, the new retail model of “Mei Toutaway x Haiyan Home” will unlock the new men’s fashion lifestyle, create a mobile men’s wardrobe, solve the user’s needs and dressing, and save. Men should respond to unexpected situations in which some clothing is caught off guard. There is also an "one-hour speed" to quickly remove the situation, "Lin update private stylist" exclusive service, "precise positioning, on-call", "multiple categories and multiple occasions perfect response", "nearly 5,000 stores, dense coverage "And convenient exchange, worry-free" six takeaway service attributes.

Haicang House said that consumers only need to open the US group take-out, search for "Haicang House", choose a nearby store to purchase, users can directly place an order, the US group take-away riders will go to the store to get the goods. And delivered to the user within one hour. If you are not satisfied, you can also support the return of seven days without reason. If the tag is intact and does not affect the second sale, you can directly exchange the same price goods in the offline store; if you meet the return conditions, you can apply for a return immediately at the US team. The goods are mailed to the headquarters of Haishu's home. If the goods are returned for non-quality problems, the courier fee shall be borne by the consumers.

After opening the US group take-out and searching for Haishu's home, the platform will recommend some of the nearest Haishu home stores. We randomly entered one of the stores and selected a product. The purchase page shows that the shipping fee is 20 yuan and the shipping fee is 5.1 yuan. Haicang House currently has fewer types of clothing on the US group's takeaway than the Tmall official website flagship store, but the clothing prices are the same, only the delivery fee. Due to the short-term testing time of this business, the evaluation of the US group's take-out was also less, but there are still users who said that they are very good and have pictures.

Haishu's home can enhance the user experience by using the more than 500,000 active riders and 250 million users of the US group to promote the store's sales performance. On the other hand, the US group can also expand its business with this new model. Improve the business chain. The cooperation with the Haishu House has set a precedent for the delivery of clothing.

In fact, the US group comment has been trying to expand to more categories and distribute low-frequency consumer goods. On July 18th, the US delegation officially launched the US group flash purchase business, covering supermarket convenience, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants, and many other categories, 30-minute delivery, 24-hour non-stop delivery.

Of course, for the US Mission, this cooperation with the Haishu House is still a strategic experiment. If this road really works, there will be more strategic opportunities. In addition to the peak lunch and dinner period, you can make full use of the free time of the Meituan takeaway knights to do value-added services and increase their income. For Haishu's home, it is time to ponder how to better achieve the order cooperation between the physical store and the US group takeaway team. How to ensure that the clothes are delivered to the customer in one hour, and it is not suitable for after-sales problems such as returning goods.

According to industry analysts, the sales support for offline clothing stores through the take-out platform is logically feasible, but the nature of reviews and take-outs is not the same. Comments are more in the form of advertising, and the take-out is more O2O. And the cost of sending clothes also needs to be assessed.

However, it is always strange to sell clothes on the takeaway platform. As a consumer, will you really buy it? The success of this model test has yet to be verified by time.