I, Is The Subversion | Peak PEAK TAICHI Adaptive Smart Running Shoes Shocked Debut
- Dec 11, 2018 -

a pair of running shoes

If it can be changed according to the state of movement of the human body

Adaptive change of its own functional properties

Seamlessly switch between soft and rebound properties

Help the wearer change from "walker" seconds to "runner"

Does it sound like a fantasy?


However, such a revolutionary running experience revolution

From today

Will be triggered by the new species of Peak Sports Technology!

December 5th

Peak 2018 "I, is Subversion" Annual Technology Conference

Held in Beijing

Peak Sports CEO Xu Zhihua

Li Feng, an expert in intelligent molecular research at Xi'an University of Technology

Cai Weijian, head of innovative technology products

Co-released the exclusive adaptive midsole technology -


And based on this adaptive midsole technology platform

The first running shoes born: TAICHI 1.0


This innovative midsole

Equipped with environmental stress that is perceptible and responsive

Smart material P4U

And foamed by innovative technology

It has "adaptive" features not found in traditional materials.

Under low speed motion

Provide a soft and comfortable wearing experience

As the wearer moves faster

The elastic modulus of the midsole increases

"state change" is a state of high elasticity

Provide just the right response, rebound and support

Yue Run Circle CEO Liang Feng as a guest guest

At the press conference on TAICHI 1.0

Conducted a "out of the box" evaluation

And shared his feeling of wearing a running in advance

A look at the true content of TAICHI 1.0

The media and runners at the press conference came to the experience area.

Experience the "state" adaptive technology

Coach stage area

Runners can follow the coach to perform group exercises

Feel the process of frequent and fast switching

Different responses from “state” adaptive technology

Actor Xu Jieer also went to the scene to experience the magic of this running shoe.

As an adaptive running shoe

Running is the best way to experience TAICHI 1.0

The treadmills that the media and runners can board on the scene

Feel the adaptive foot feeling of "state" technology

Can also come to the runway area

Accelerate running, winding piles, turning back, jumping boxes

Feel the rhythm, speed, and power changes during the movement

TAICHI 1.0 shows the wearing experience of “soft and soft, easy to do whatever you want”